Using the search or browse options, find the books that you are looking for and add them to your 'Order List' or 'Wishlist'. You can add around 10 books to your 'Order' and 100 books to your 'Wishlist'.
Note : The Wishlist is only for your personal view and NetPeLibrary (NPL) cannot deliver books from your wishlist. You can however transfer a book from the 'Wishlist' to your 'Order list'
Once you have completed reading the books, you can "Mark for Pickup" these books to initiate the pickup process.Make sure that you have books in your ordered list so that the NPL can deliver books from your 'Order' during the pickup.
Note : 'Mark for Pickup' can be initiated by clicking the small blue icon on top of your book in the 'Reading' shelf.
Based on your plan, the books are delivered to your doorstep within 24 working hours (3 business days). These books get automatically added to your Reading Shelf.
The books that you have read and which have been picked-up by NPL get shifted to your "Read" shelf.
The books that you rate and review will get added to the 'Reviewed' Shelf