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13 Steps to Bloody Good Marks
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True or False?

False! There are also students who simply study smart.

The Indian education system is a minefield. Negotiating this minefield and emerging with flying colours is a source of great strain and anxiety for Indian pupils and parents alike. Who can guide students to develop good study habits and thus get better results?

Enter 13 steps to bloody good marks.

After the stupendous success of 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck and 13 Steps to Bloody Good Wealth, bestselling author Ashwin Sanghi (along with co-author, Ashok Rajani) presents a power-packed little book that provides simple, straightforward and effective steps that are a sure-fire way to obtain Bloody Good Marks!

Editorial Review :

The book is presented in a very logical manner, starting with the wish-list (read 'impossible expectations') of parents and students, which inspired this book. Then come the real reasons why most students find classes boring, and how classes can become more interesting. The narration is clear, concise and does not obfuscate. Like his lectures, the narration is split into clear segments and bullet points, which are easy to understand and digest. The instructions are well supported by apt and interesting examples, results of actual international studies, and some quotes. The language is clear, with the clarity of Ashwin Sanghi's earlier '13 Steps…' books. This book also discusses how to score marks by being methodical, neat, apt and thorough (in addition to knowing the answers to the questions). Overall, a book to read and reread. --By sheba on 24 July 2017

This is the third book in 13 Steps Series - the other two being 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck and 13 Steps to Bloody Good Wealth(both have been reviewed by me). This book is yet again an exceptional outlay pertaining to the subject which was kept as the title. We never had understood the smaller things what we did as a kid has in fact helped us greatly. This includes reading in a sitting posture or walking while reading. We have also avoided television (most of the times) and there are so many which we did but had eventually forgotten and when it comes to our own kids, we tend to adopt an approach which is been followed presently which is incorrect. What has worked for you can be tried and replicated with your kid as well. --By sarath on 10 August 2017

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The name "Shawn Haigins" is a pseudonym. In fact, it's an anagram of the author's real name, "Ashwin Sanghi".Ashwin writes extensively on history, religion, and politics. "The Rozabal Line" is his first novel completed in 2007. The book was self-published in the US in 2007 under his pen name, "Shawn Haigins". The book went through several revisions over 2007 and 2008 and a revised edition under Ashwin's own name was released by Tata-Westland Ltd. & Tranquebar Press for the Indian subcontinent in 2008. Owing to the book's popularity, another edition was released in 2010 along with a Kindle edition on Amazon.Ashwin's second novel entitled "Chanakya's Chant" is to be released in January 2011 by Westland Books.Ashwin is an entrepreneur and holds a master's degree from Yale and lives in India with his wife and son. He completed his schooling at the Cathedral & John Connon School, Mumbai, in 1985 and thereafter completed a BA from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, in 1990. He's also pursuing a doctorate in Creative Writing. Writing is his passion and, in his own words, he's "an entrepreneur by day and novelist by night".