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Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai
Rupa Publications India
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Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai, written by Madhuri Banerjee, is a story about honest and brave housewives in Mumbai. These women are in search of love and are unafraid to follow their hearts blindfolded by rejecting their present lives. Life in Mumbai is pretty hectic and above all, it is monotonous at times, especially with people working like a machine.

The story in the book, Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai, revolves particularly around a residential area in Mumbai known as the Sapphire Towers, which is similar to any other place in Mumbai. Some high-profile people of Mumbai live here. The book brings to limelight the lives of housewives and their daily routine activities. This work is carried out with precision, so much so that one can adjust their watch according to their work. But this is just the outer cover and as one digs deeper, some graciously hidden secrets are uncovered. The author has given examples about this monotonous life and the reason why these illegitimate activities are carried out.

Scandalous Housewives: Mumbai gives us an example of Gita, a mother of two young daughters, who is bored with her daily monotonous way of living and is desperate to escape from it. The book also describes a Gujarati housewife, who is a mother but is also addicted to sex and is even ready to pay for it. The first edition of this book was published by Rupa Publications India in 2014.

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Madhuri gives us a peek into the modern Indian housewife who isn t afraid to love and follows her heart. --Huma Qureshi

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About the Author :

Madhuri Banerjee is a media professional as well as the author of Losing My Virginity And Other Dumb Ideas.

She started her career with content and film production, and has worked for UTV Motion Pictures, Zoom Television and popular Bollywood personalities like Rohan Sippy and Anu Malik. Presently, she is the director of Gray Matter Solution, a production house. Madhuri is passionate about traveling, yoga, and reading. She is an English literature graduate from Delhi University and has done her Master’s in Mass Communication from Jamia Milia Islamia. She currently lives in Mumbai, India.