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Ohh Yes I am Single...!: and So is My Girlfriend
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Ohh Yes, I am Single..! ..And So Is My Girlfriend! is an entertaining novel by Durjoy Datta and Neeti Rastogi that focuses on the life of Durjoy as he attempts to comprehend the mysteries of love.

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Ohh Yes, I am Single..! ..And So Is My Girlfriend! starts by introducing its readers to Durjoy, who has always been extremely unlucky in love. He confides even the minutest detail of every relationship to his closest friend, who has had similar experiences in his life. Thus, the readers get to hear of his numerous unhappy experiences of being in love. Being considered as cupid’s favourite victim, it seems that Durjoy falls in and out of love quickly. He begins to question himself, whether his true love was the one he first kissed. As a result of the constant failures in his relationships, he begins to get more frustrated and angry.

The book provides a great deal of insight on issues such as love and infatuation. Durjoy is insecure about various things pertaining to his life, and so he views every fling as a relationship in the making. As a result of this, he encounters numerous disappointments in love, but is ever determined in his search to find his true love.

All of these happenings help to keep the readers completely gripped from start to finish, causing them to read the book with keen interest. The book certainly does not have a typical storyline, and this is what makes it different from other such novels that focus on the topics of love and relationships.

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bout The Authors

Durjoy Dutta is a well-known author from India. Apart from this book, Datta has written a number of other novels, and some of them include Someone Like You, You Were My Crush! Till You Said You Love Me!, If It’s Not Forever, and Till The Last Breath.

Datta hails from Delhi, and finished his education from Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura. Following that, he pursued his engineering degree from Delhi College of Engineering, after which he completed his Master’s degree from Management Development Institute, Gurgaon. Dutta has also studied at Frankfurt School Of Finance And Management, majoring in Finance and Marketing. He is the co-founder of Grapevine India Publishers, and mostly publishes books based on romance. In the year 2009, The Times Of India presented him with the Young Achiever Award and he was also one of the two achievers listed by Whistling Woods International, in the year 2011.

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